IAJ WELLNESS CORPORATION, a corporation engaged in the importation and distribution of innovative, highly effective health and beauty products, was established on October 22, 2002.

IAJ Wellness Corporation is a young, progressive and pro-active company managed by highly qualified individuals and staffed with well-trained and highly skilled personnel.

During it’s first year of operations, IAJ Wellness Corporation was able to successfully distribute and market two health products under the light- appliance category: Goodsphere Air Revitalizer System (Swiss- designed air purifier) and Matstone Juice Extractor -- the only low-speed juice extractor in the Philippine market today, better known under the brand names Oscar & Samson in the USA and other western countries.

The year 2003, saw IAJ Wellness Corporation forging importation and distributorship alliances with foreign companies and manufacturers of innovative health and beauty products.

And as IAJ Wellness Corporation continues to move forward to respond to the needs of its markets and meet the challenges of its competition, it promises to continue to deliver alternative, world-class health and beauty products to its client-partners and new markets.


IAJ Wellness Corporation envisions itself to--
• Become a customer satisfying and value creating organization, bringing innovative, highly effective, world-class health and beauty products to the Filipino.



To realize our vision, we commit-

• To provide excellent value in customer satisfaction through timely delivery of products and services. Because the quality of our products and services will be a reflection of what our partner-clients will offer to our customers.

• Moreover, we’d like to build trust. We’d like to be known as a company that customers and partner-clients can turn to when one demands value-added services and outstanding results as measured by high customer-client satisfaction levels.


In fulfillment of our vision and mission, we shall be guided by these core values:

• Integrity
• Passion
• Self reliance.
• Hard work
• Teamwork
• Intelligence



IN-A-JIFFY ENTERPRISES – a company established by the Sanchez family to handle Home and entertainment products.
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HANWHA Vinyl Tiles



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